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Because, where you end up — depends on where you start.

Upcoming Courses

The Journey Series

A Hero’s Journey

An empowering inner journey where you will identify your hero within, face your inner sabotaging enemies, and emerge as a victorious hero.

Prosperity & Abundance

Uncover the context that keeps abundance out of your reach, and create the necessary consciousness that attracts prosperity into your life.

Radical Redesign

Kick 2010 off with a strategic personal plan that will radically alter what’s possible in the coming year.

The Magic of Intimacy

Discover how to fully connect with yourself and others in an authentic, compassionate and powerful way.


Speaking with Impact

Learn how to design and present your ideas publicly so that your audience will want to listen and take action.

Pathways to Mastery

Participants are introduced to the fundamental elements and practices of mastering one’s mind.